PPC Advertising for small business

Do you know why Google is worth half a trillion dollars? It’s because of their AdWords revenue. When someone sees your PPC ad, it’s because they specifically searched for your keywords. They’re already looking for your product and it makes it that much easier to convert them into a paying customer.

Getting your PPC ads dialed in correctly allows your ads to be shown above your competitors and also lowers the cost you’ll be paying per click. Google wants the best quality results possible for their users, so the more relevant to your ad that your website and landing page are, the better it is for them.

In the long run, this is simple: if Google shows poor results in their ads, no one will want to click them, and the value of their advertising would go down.

The more clicks your ad gets, the more Google gets paid. When your CTR is high and you bring Google a lot of clicks, you’re a more valuable advertiser. When this happens, Google doesn’t have to charge you as much for each click, so your price per click goes down even more.

The end result is a win-win-win. The user gets a great result for their search, Google gets their advertising fee, and you just got a new lead for your business.

Making sure all these conditions are met is where we come in.

Build Keywords & Targeting

With extensive market and competition research, we can narrow down on the keywords that are going to bring the most profitable return on investment.

Split Testing

Your ads are never run one at a time. As you progress, so is your competition. We’re constantly A/B split testing new ads to get you the best return on investment possible.

Landing Page Optimization

Getting your landing page relevant and performing well puts your ads to work and lowers your cost per click.

You Own The Account

Your AdWords account is yours if you ever want to login, or if you ever choose to leave. You keep everything.

100% Free Strategy Call

Your potential customers are already searching. Let’s make sure they find you.

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