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About Us

We’re a Hudson Valley Internet Marketing agency working with local clients and small business owners. We specialize in SEO, PPC/ Adwords and Web Design, the tools you need to grow your business and internet presence. Whether you’re just getting started and don’t have a website yet, or you’re already established and need help with rankings and social media, we will get you on track to meet your goals.

The services we use to grow your business

Web Design & Development

We can build you a new website or rebuild your existing one. Having your website set up right not only optimizes conversions, but is also extremely important from an SEO perspective. If google can’t figure out what your site is about, then it’s not going to put you on the front page. Search engines prioritize user experience, so if your site isn’t structured properly, is outdated, you have a high bounce rate, etc, you’re not going to perform well.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is what controls where you rank for your search terms (keywords). When someone searches for your service and your site shows up on page 3, no one is clicking on your site. Instead they’re just ending up on your competitor’s site. When this happens, they’re getting the new leads and you’re not.

PPC Management

This is done through Google Adwords, these are the ads on the front page that appear as search results. PPC is a great supplement to SEO and organic traffic. You can get some quick traffic coming in while your site’s rankings are improving through SEO.

Once your site moves up the ranks, you could be dominating the first page with your organic search result + PPC ads + snack pack listing + social media or citation pages.

Social Media Marketing

Market your products or services to target groups of people. Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world because of its marketing capabilities. When you add info like age, married or single, where you live, this all provides data for their Ads Manager system.

Email Marketing

Besides just keeping your emails from going straight to spam, you want them to actually get opened convert as well. Are your emails just more advertisements in addition to the 2000 plus forms of ads people are exposed to every day? Or are they something that actually offers value?

Branding & Graphic Design

From logo design and letterheads to business cards and t-shirts, we can help you build your brand’s identity.

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